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La Papillote, the Newspaper of the Culinary Institute of America since 1979, is dedicated to respecting the mission, history and val­ues of the college. Our primary purpose is to report the news of the institution to the students and other members of the campus com­munity. We examine contemporary issues of the food service and hospitality industries to inform, challenge and develop the minds of students as they aspire to leadership roles in their chosen profes­sion. We reflect the diverse views of the student body and provide a forum for civil discussion.

Above all else, in our reporting and features, we strive to be ac­curate, fair, unbiased and free from distortion. Whenever we por­tray someone in a negative light or accuse a party of wrongdoing, we will make a real effort to obtain and print a response from that subject in the same issue. We will not plagiarize.

Articles and features are expected to be independent assessments on a topic by an individual author. The views expressed are those of the author’s alone. They do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of La Papillote or its staff, nor do they represent the views or opinions of The Culinary Institute of America, or any entity of, or affiliated with the college.

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